Participants required for Natural Human-Robot Interaction Study

Natural Human-Robot Interaction in public spaces for Machine Learning purposes The main goal of this study is to collect data to train a machine learning system in a social robot prototype. Observations on site will be performed (without taking any video or audio recordings) to assess the interaction of the users in qualitative terms. WeContinue reading “Participants required for Natural Human-Robot Interaction Study”

Human Robot Interaction in Mexican TV

Certainly more efforts are required to put Mexico in a situation of technological independence and sustainable economy that allow to the 52 million of Mexicans living in poverty to change their conditions soon. TV UNAM #TVUNAM is doing a big effort to build up a research culture in Mexico. The country requires desperately educate Mexicans inContinue reading “Human Robot Interaction in Mexican TV”

A few words for UPIITA in its 20th anniversary

  UPIITA means Professional Unit of Interdisciplinary Engineering and Advanced Technologies (man, it is so hard to translate that to English!). UPIITA is part of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, the leading technological institution in the country and likely in Latin America. These days students, alumni and staff celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this extraordinary school. UPIITA is the icing on theContinue reading “A few words for UPIITA in its 20th anniversary”

El problema endémico del plagio en México.

El plagio de la tesis del presidente es algo grave. Y todos los condenan mas por ser un asunto con tintes políticos  que de naturaleza académica. Sin embargo, el plagio es un problema endémico en la academia mexicana. Ningún académico ni intelectual apunta a eso porque son parte del problema. El problema real son los revisoresContinue reading “El problema endémico del plagio en México.”