Human Robot Interaction in Mexican TV

Certainly more efforts are required to put Mexico in a situation of technological independence and sustainable economy that allow to the 52 million of Mexicans living in poverty to change their conditions soon. TV UNAM #TVUNAM is doing a big effort to build up a research culture in Mexico. The country requires desperately educate Mexicans in this area in order to   help all the Mexicans to have material progress in the short term.

More Mexicans, including the “intelectual” elite (including the political elite) require more scientific and technological knowledge (also humanities and arts) to assist to their less privileged co-citizens who definitely require from them. Hence, Mexicans in privileged positions such as: academics, researchers, politicians, international business men/women shall go outside of the ivory tower to use their skills and help to sort domestic problems coming  for their nation. In the short/long term all this good will towards their Mexican community will return to them.

Every time I can collaborate with this kind of initiatives in benefit of Mexican community, I do it. It is just my humble contribution. Hopefully I could do more. This time, Maria Carmen Climent Palmer and me discussed to create a clip in reference to Human Robot Interaction(HRI), specifically to the work done in terms of Reciprocity in HRI. Maria did a wonderful work in edition and comments. She deeply read the papers related to Reciprocity in HRI and  I am very happy with the result.

Please see the video, comment and share it. I hope you find it interesting.

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