Technology have to serve us

Do you have the feeling that every time that you have a new idea somebody else already did the same thing before than you? and this somebody did it better because he/she has more experience, more resources, more talent or more anything else? I have that feeling very often in the last months and I am not sure how can get rid of it. Everytime that I want to do something new I discovered that somebody in Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, podcast or even in a research paper have already published something related about my own ideas. Looks like nothing new is under the sun never ever. Is that the power of media over us? Keeping us away of any creative iniciative?

My former supervisor once said that “reading kills writting” when you do a paper. I think that is the factor that it is affecting me recently. I am expose to an enormous amount of information every day through social media as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Twitter that looks like nothing new can come from my own thoughts. All these social networks provide me with professional news, political news from my home country sometimes I have the feeling that they even implant all these new ideas that I dont try on me.

Read all these news and watch all these videos inhibit my own creativity I reckon. I should stop in some point and test my own ideas about whatever I want to do and forget about others, maybe in my way to achieve something I found my own style and my very particular contribution to the world.

Maybe I need go old school as when I was in the high school. Reading physical books and be away of the screens without no internet at home. Maybe the screen light is keeping me hooked excessively to unnecessary information and I am just wasting time in unimportant information which is unorganized and aims just to sell things or make popular characters.

Now I feel that technology is not my servant and I am just hooked to it without not benefit at all for my own improvement.

Sorry for this post my thought are very messy today and I don’t have a linear argumentation.



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