About me


I am Eduardo but my friends call me Eddie/Ed/Edu . I hold a PhD in Human Interface Technology at University of Canterbury, New Zealand. I have been working in Human Robot Interaction in the last seven years during my Masters, PhD and Postdoc.

My background is in Bionics Engineering, Industrial Design, and Interface Technologies.  My research interests are in the domains of Human Robot Interaction,  Interaction Design, Robot Design, and Robot Ethics with an approach coming from Social Psychology and Game Theory.  I developed Studies of Reciprocity in Human Robot Interaction during my PhD research. I have experience also as a lecturer in  different private and public universities. Besides, I worked at the Biomedical industry for a couple of years.

I really enjoy social robotics research, education and science communication. I consider research and education essential to improve our world and make stronger communities and  be better human beings. Besides, I am interested in start-ups related to robotics and I am designing my own social robot. I started my own company very recently meanwhile I continue my academic career.

I am positive that working with robots has allowed me to understand humans better. I want to focus my career in the design and analysis of interactive products such as robots or interactive objects. I can see myself as an academic/entrepreneur leader in the near future.

I have about 17 full papers and technical reports and four theses (Technical Education, Bachelors, Masters, PhD). Additionally I have several creative outcomes such as: educative videos and short movies that have been side projects during my PhD research. I also have interest in science communication and my work has had impact in international media. Continuously, I am reviewer for different international conferences and journals related to social robotics and engineering. I also volunteer to coach young students with interest in robotics. I am member of the Royal Society of New Zealand, IEEE, and ACM.

Please have look into my website and give me a shout if you like.







  1. oscar zayas says:

    It is a very interesting topic about what your research is about. I would like to have the chance to catch up here in New Zealand and listen to you explain me more about this topic. I hope I will get that opportunity Eddie.
    Oscar Zayas, from Wellington

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    1. Any time mate! Just let me know when you are available. 😀 All the best


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