I have done several projects; these projects are related to reciprocity, robots and education, robots and media, and robot design.

Some of them are not published yet; however, they are worthy as design exercises or have been covered by the media. Here a list (links coming soon):

  • Robot Games, 2019-2020.
  • Robot for Dementia Therapy Case Design, CICESE, 2019.
  • JPL Rover, 2019.
  • Hoiho Robot 2.0. 2018.
  • Hoiho Robot 1.0, 2017.
  • Robot Haka, 2016.
  • HITLabNZ, Model of Reciprocity in HRI, 2012-2016. (robot-behaviours, photos)
  • UC, Robot Oracle, 2015 (media).
  • HITLabNZ, 3D printed robot controlled by Unity, 2014. (media)
  • HITLabNZ, Chatbot Lego robot, 2014. (media).
  • UNAM-PDI, Emotion analysis in HRI, Supervisor of Master Thesis, 2013.  (Not released, the student up to another graduation option)
  • HITLabNZ, Robot puppetry for performing arts (theater, movies, dance), 2013.
  • HITLabNZ, Roila, the robotic language, in NAO. 2012, (media, curse, programs).
  • HITLabNZ, Nao robot dances Gangnam style, 2012. (Copyright issues, LBR, non published).
  • UNAM-PAPIIT. Development of  museum and educative app for HRI, 2012, (project).
  • Osaka University, Synchy robots used as  a third-language teacher, 2011. (thesis).
  • UNAM-PDI, Development of Educative applications in HRI, 2009-2011. (thesis).
  • UNAM-PDI, Digital tools for research for the applicants to the master’s program, 2010-2012. (websites list, students deliverables).
  • UNAM-PDI, Organiser of the poster session of applicants, 2010, 2011, 2012. (photos)
  • UNAM-PDI, 1st  International Seminar of Human-robot Interaction, Mexico city, 2011. (photos, organiser).

Some undergrad projects

  • UPIITA, website, Bionics engineering web site in Spanish, 2005.
  • UPIITA, prototype, Leg-rehabilitation machine for children, 2004.
  • UPIITA, prototype, Golden ratio in the Mexican body, 2003.
  • UPIITA, prototype, 3D scanner using infra-red sensors, 2003.
  • UPIITA, prototype, electronic coffee machine, 2002.